Hand-Printed Honey Bee Sweatshirt

This is a Gildan Heavy Blend hooded sweatshirt in the color charcoal. The pattern of a Honey Bee and flowers has been screen printed onto the front of the sweatshirt. The back of the sweatshirt has the words “Endangered Animal Charms” printed along the bottom. I designed any print that appears on the shirt. The sweatshirts come in sizes small, medium, and large and can be purchased on my Etsy for $40.00.

The Sweatshirt

The sweatshirt that is used is high quality and is produced by Gildan. The Gildan Heavy Blend hooded sweatshirt is made from 50% cotton, and 50% polyester. In the future, I want to transition into a recycled sweatshirt material.

The Design

I personally created each design that ties back to the endangered species charms. For the first design, I chose the Honey Bee. After this first round of sweatshirts, I will be introducing more animals and new colors. I also hand designed the information cards that come with the sweatshirts.

Heat Press

All of the designs are ordered offline and come as a type of sticker. I use a heat press to attach each design onto the shirt. This requires hand placement of the pattern on each individual sweatshirt. Once cooled, they are ready to be packaged and mailed!

The Honey Bee is essential to our ecosystem. Their pollination ensures that we get fresh fruits and vegetables however, they face many threats. One being the pesticides we spray on our plants. These chemicals, while not intentional, kill many insects. Your purchase of this sweatshirt will help to protect the Honey Bee, and other insects that are endangered.

1/2 of the proceeds are donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society

Let’s Save Endangered Animals Together.