This is a list of commonly asked questions that I get. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me. I am constantly updating these so check back for new answers!

How do you make the charms?

I start by using the clay to shape each individual part of the animal. Then I put them together. After they are made, I put them in the oven to harden. I then glaze them with air dry satin glaze. The last thing I do is add the jewlery and package them. If you are interested in more behind the scenes and how I make my charms, you can visit my Facebook or my Instagram page.

What tools do you use to make the charms?

I use a variety of tools to create these tiny detailed charms. Some of these include a needle tool, dotting tool, rolling pin, and more. However, the most important tool that I use is my hands.

What do you make the charms out of?

I make the charms out of a material called polymer clay. This is an oven bake clay that is made from polymers, resins, and color agents. This means that you can use an oven to harden it as opposed to a kiln.

Do you do everything by yourself?

Yes. I am one person, and I do everything from advertising and running social media, to making and packaging the charms. I also sell them in person at a few local events as well.

Where do you sell the charms?

My main place to sell the charms is in-person at my family’s campground or at different local events. However, I also have an Etsy shop where you can purchase my charms online.