My Story

Hi. My name is Hailey and I am fourteen years old. I am the creator and designer of the Endangered Animal Clay Charms. I usually make and sell something small at my family’s campground during the summer to make a bit money before I could acctually get a job. For the past few years I was making bracelets, but I knew I wanted to do something completely different. One day, I was reading about climate change and knew automatically I wanted to do something to raise money for this. As I began to research, I came across the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). I decided that I would donate half of my proceeds to them. I learned how to use polymer clay and ended up making only endangered animals. After they were made, I turned them into necklaces and charms. Currently, I have six different animals and I continue to work on and research more animals. For each animal, I do seperate research to help educate my customers and me. Throughout this process, I have learned many different skills that I otherwise would not have. I am very excited to continue this project to help the animals of our Earth.

Each charm is carefully handcrafted by me and I spend multiple hours a week making them. They all come in packaging with a small amount of information on each animal and why it is endangered. Also, half of the proceeds are donated to the WCS. During summer of 2019, I was able to donate a total of $550 to the WCS. In 2020 we have already raised $350! I never expected to be able to doanate so much when I started, but thanks to people like you, we are all able to help make a difference.

My goal is to raise awareness of the amazing and beautiful animals that roam our Earth. Knowing the consequences of animals becoming extinct saddens me. It makes me even more sad that not very many people are aware of the many things happening to our ecosystem and these animals. My hope is that selling something as small as a charm–something that they may see everyday– will remind people of how they helped out these animals by purchasing a charm. Half of the profit that is made this summer will go to the Wildlife Conservation Society in hope that we can still turn things around to preserve the beauty of our home planet, little by little.