Handmade Endangered Animal Clay Charms

1/2 the Proceeds are Donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society

Thank you for your support!

Over the past two months, we have raised over $1,414 to donate to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. That amount is equal to $2,045 AUD. I wanted to thank everyone who purchased a koala and anyone who made a donation to the business. None of this would have been possible without your support, so thank you!

1/2 the Proceeds are Donated to the WCS

Each time you purchase a charm or necklace, half of the proceeds are donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society. Last year I was able to donate a total of $550 and this year I have already raised a total of $350!

About Me

My name is Hailey and I am fourteen years old. When I first started this business I wanted to be able to help out the beautiful animals of this Earth. I had never expected it to be where it is today…

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I sell these charms both in person, at local craft fairs, and also online.